Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With the rise in prices you might think that getting a nice gift is an impossible!

We have been on a lookout for nice Valentine’s gifts especially if you are on a budget. Here are some ideas if your budget is under 500!

  1. Snowy Flower Egypt (Starts at 70 EGP)

Snowy Flower is a beautiful flower that can be purchased in different arrangements. The flower blooms when it’s dry and it closes when sprayed with water. The biggest surprise is that it lasts for up to 10 years! You can purchase it online through their Facebook page ( or you can visit their booth at Cairo Festival City Mall.


  1. Body Bakes (Sets start at 270 EGP)

Picture from their website

If you are looking for something special that shows that you put effort, looks amazing and is also useful, then this is for you. They use natural ingredients, their products are extremely creative and they smell like heaven! Their gift baskets start at 270 EGP. You can get them at they deliver it right to your doorstep.


  1. Bath and Bodyworks (285 EGP)

Bath and body works now has an amazing offer! If you buy any two items from their signature collection, you get one item for free! You can enjoy the offer and mix and match or just buy one thing and pair it with any other gift on the list. You can buy their products from their stores at City Stars and Cairo Festival City.



  1. Pandora (Starts at 375 EGP)

Pandora Rings

Pandora has a 25% sale on all their rings and some of their charms. The prices now start at 375 EGP after discount. Their Birthstone collection is to die for and the charms are all beautiful. Plus, you can never have too much charms!  You can get their products at their stores at Cairo Festival City and City Stars.





  1. Kaff Al Qamar (Prices start at 125 EGP)

Kaff Al Qamar is an online Instagram account that sells Silvers. They have a wide collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Their quality is amazing and they deliver it right to your doorstep! Many of their items are less than 500 EGP. You can purchase their products through their Instagram account (




  1. Fel Shanta (265 EGP)

If your Valentine is always losing things in her bag, or her bag is just too messy then this might be the perfect gift for her! FelShanta is a hand bag organizer. It has a space for your coins, keys, makeup and cards. This is the best gift to keep the bag clean and organized. We found “Fel Shanta” at Virgin Mega Store- Cairo Festival City.



  1. Power Banks (Starting 179 EGP)

A power bank is still one of the best gifts you can get a person. You can never have enough! With phones dying all the time you need something to keep you connected and this is the only thing that can do that when there are no plugs around. You can get Power banks from Virgin Mega Stores in many shapes and sizes. You can pair it with any item on the list for an extra touch of romance.




  1. Memory Box (330 EGP)

If you are into more personal gifts than this might be your best option on the list. You can purchase this box at Debenhams for 330 EGP and fill it with your valentine’s favorite chocolate, a rose and some pictures the total will definitely not exceed 500 EGP!


  1. Anfasic Otour (Starting 200 EGP)

If perfumes are too expensive but you still want to get your valentine one, then PerfumeAnfasic Otour is the way to go. Their perfumes last for a very long time (up to 8 Hours) and they smell amazing. They can also make your own customized fragrance, or you can just pick on of their own. They have fragrances that smell exactly like famous brands, if not better! You can catch them at their branches that are available everywhere including Cairo Festival City and City Stars.


  1. Binded Notebooks (Starting 70EGP):

Nothing can be more personalized than this! It is a handcrafted online notebooks store. Founded by Mahitab Diaa an Egyptian Designer, who is passionate about introducing unique notebooks and stationery to the Egyptian market, as well as changing how Egyptians perceive handmade products. Gift your valentine something unique. You can purchase them through her Facebook page: or Instagram account: @BindedNotebooks

It doesn’t matter if your budget is 10 EGP or 1000 EGP.  If you get a simple flower or a diamond ring. The thought is what matters the most, when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Women like feeling special regardless what the gift might be. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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