“I’m not flexible enough to do yoga.” “Yoga is boring”. Those are just a few of the many misconceptions about yoga. Although yoga is a common practice in Egypt now, some people still think Yoga practicing requires standing on your head, chanting, and eating lettuce. Here are the most 3 popular myths listed down for you!

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Myth #1: yoga is not really a workout

Okay, the first time I went to a yoga class, I met a bodybuilder who thought yoga would be “easy”. After a few minutes he was trembling, red-faced, and sweating throughout the “very easy” class. This is usually the case, the person who enters the studio with an air of overconfidence is often the same person who leaves feeling slightly stunned about how challenging this physical activity can actually be. There are many levels of Yoga classes, from beginners classes to advanced.

Myth #2: yoga requires you to stretch like a cat

You don’t have to be an acrobat to go to a yoga class. I couldn’t reach my ankles in a forward fold the first time I tried it. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, you get better each session. Each move has a progression that you can do.


Myth #3: Yoga is the only exercise you need to do

Some people think that doing yoga is enough of an exercise. Although yoga is a great way to improve your mind and body, a balanced fitness routine would also include cardio and strength training. You could improve your heart health by walking your dog, running few blocks in your neighborhood, or going to the gym.

No matter your fitness, flexibility, or mobility level, there is a form of yoga out there for you! Let your body experience it, who knows, maybe yoga will make it to your exercise list!

Stay tuned for our upcoming article featuring the benefits of yoga!


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