How many of us are suckers for cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, chocolates and ice cream?!  Many of us can’t resist desserts and love having sweet treats throughout the day. What if you can satisfy that sweet tooth of yours while watching your calories! Here are 4 awesome places that will help you with just that!

1) Pinkberry


When comparing frozen yogurt to ice cream, frozen yogurt has less than half of the calories from fat, making it a much healthier choice. Make sure you don’t add too many toppings and ruin the whole purpose though 🙂

Address: City Stars Mall, Nasr City, Cairo


2) Lychee Fruit Bar 


Desserts don’t have to be muffins or cupcakes, they can also be fresh juices, yogurt parfaits and even fruit salads! And this is what Lychee does best. You can now satisfy your sugar cravings right away while staying in shape!

Address: 5, brazil street, Zamalek

Cairo Festival City Mall, New Cairo

Road 9, Maadi

Telephone: 01002020221 – 01002020232


3) Super Muffin


An online store that offers healthy muffins with many delicious flavors to choose from. Super muffin should definitely make it on your desserts list. Oh and they make special muffins using whey protein; making it a perfect post-workout treat!

Telephone: 0100 925 3121


4) The Little Oven


Delicious, healthy desserts delivered right to your doorstep! From dark chocolate to cakes, cookies and tarts, you name it! All are sugar free, butter free. The Little Oven gives you various mouth-watering options to choose from.


Telephone: 01004059506



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