Strength training or weight exercises has become an essential part of many people’s workout routine, it is an effective way to get in shape, gain stamina and strength, and fight away the blues. But is everything we know about strength exercise true or are there misleading information circulating in your social circle or on the web? Let’s explore them together.

strength training - myths

Myth #1: Strength training will “bulk you up”!

You get what you want out of your strength training. It depends on how you train, if you desire to gain muscle mass, or get bigger then you can easily achieve that, but if you only want to get stronger you can avoid ‘bulking-up’. In simple words, if you increase the weight and decrease the reps you will bulk-up, decrease the weight and increase reps for a more defined lean muscle instead.

Myth #2: Weight Training is bad for your joints.

Again, not true! A study actually suggests the opposite! If you have a bad knee or back, weight training will not make it worse. According to the Arthritis Foundation, stronger muscles mean more stable joints, so as long as you are using the proper form and technique, you won’t harm your joints.

Myth #3: When you stop,  your muscles would turn into fat.

Let’s agree first that muscle tissue and fat are two completely different things. In fact, muscle would help you burn fat, not turn into it. If you stop doing strength training, you will simply lose your muscle mass, but your muscles will definitely not turn into fat!

strength training - myths


Myth #4: Cardio burns more calories than strength exercises

Not really, no. as a matter of fact if you wish to decrease your overall body fat, you need to pick up strength training. Muscles trained through weight exercises tend to burn 50% more calories than muscles used in cardio training.




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