Many people don’t really have a taste for water, no matter how hard you try to sound like a personal trainer, most people don’t have a thing for it!

 Here are 4 ways to drink up more water

1) Go Fruity!

Add your favorite chopped up fruit; lemons, oranges or peaches to a large water bottle to sip from all day.  You could also crush fresh watermelon or add strawberry slices or mint leaves! Not only do these make the water tasteful, they also make it extra refreshing!

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2) Get Bubbly:

Sparkling water is many people’s preference, if classic old water isn’t inspiring enough for you, try a naturally sparkling water, if it is still too boring for you, you can look for naturally flavored effervescent water, it will be healthy and will taste great as well.


3) Get Creative With Ice:

Some think that ice cold water tastes so much better than room-temperature water. True, isn’t? Why don’t you add flavorings like mint or cucumber to your ice cube tray along with water, then freeze it!


4) Add A Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon sticks will LITERALLY spice up your water while making it taste great!

Happily, it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, so give it a go for an extra bonus!




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