Have you started working on your killer abs for your summer body yet? Have the holidays added a few kilos on your hips that you can’t wait to shed? Do you want to lose fat and have a fit lean muscular body at the same time?

Here are a few tips to help you get going:

lose - fat

1- Intensify your exercise

When you hit the gym in your pursuit to shed the extra weight, make sure it’s worth it! Leave your phone away, don’t text or chat between reps; instead get going with your exercise in an intense manner, following one rep with another and one muscle group with the next. Push yourself a bit so you’re tired at the end of each set. That should help you burn all the extra fat and build your muscles meanwhile.

2- Ban alcohol

Even if you’re not so keen on the whole drinking thing, the occasional drink can have many effects on your body. Alcohol reduces protein synthesis for muscle fiber repair, packs on empty calories, and disrupts REM sleep. Try eliminating alcohol for a month and see how it affects your body weight, fitness and general health.

lose - fat

3- Sleep well

Your body needs sleep for everything. During sleep our bodies release hormones necessary for muscle growth. We simply allow your body to recharge or refresh. Bad sleep would lead to fatigue, which will in turn lead to unhealthy, irregular eating, and your increasing your body fat. Make sure you are not only getting enough sleep, but also good quality sleep.

lose - fat

 4- Eat clean

Forget the three meal a day plan, eat every three hours or so. Try to eat lots of vegetables, protein and whole wheat grains. Make sure you keep your snacks and meals healthy and balanced. Replace your high carbs and sugar snacks with nuts, seeds or fruits.


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