As wonderful as it is to be a woman, there’s no denying that monthly periods horribly suck. Not only do we have to deal with cramping, bloating, mixed emotions, all over the place hormones and food craving. We also have to deal with excessive bleeding!  Here are 5 of the many reasons periods are a nightmare! 

Girls Period

1) Buying feminine products

I don’t care how confident a woman you are – there’s something slightly…shameful…about going through a supermarket or pharmacy to buy a pack of female pads. It’s like the whole universe suddenly knows something about you that you were trying to hide. And the women health industry make their products packaging so very appealing, a 2 year old could tell its a pack of pads! Oh and not to mention the incredibly awkward feeling you get when people ask why your going in the bathroom with your bag! please try to make those horrible days easier for us not worse!

2) Crazy “unexplained” emotions

you suddenly become bipolar! You will find yourself angry for no reason. You might call people just to pick up a fight. After the fight you will cry your eyes out, its better to isolate yourself from people when having your period. Whacked out period hormones are confusing even to the person dealing with them!

Girls Period

3) The zits

Those ugly bubbled monsters will work their way up to your face! They will ruin your day, you thought you left zits behind you in high school, but at this time in the months, a mountain of a zits seems to erupt on your forehead. It’s ok, you will be okay again!

4) The bloat

It’s ironic that the pair of pants that looked great on you and fit so perfectly are not even buttoning up today! It is so sad that you to invest in 2 wardrobes: a before period and an after period wardrobe!  And for this reason alone, women should earn more than men!

Girls Period

5) The cramps

As if all the other reasons to hate our periods weren’t enough, we actually have to deal with physical pain too!

To all you women who have their periods while reading this, we know it sucks. But here is a thing, you have to get out of your shell and accpet your monthly fate. Go treat yourself to something nice, see your friends, eat some chocolates….You’re stronger than you know!


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