It is Amshir! The 6th month of the Coptic Calendar that falls around the 2nd week of February to around the 2nd week of March, this time of the year is associated with dusty and unpredictable weather. We brought you 5 remedies for dust allergies in Cairo

Expect some real huffs and puffs if you suffer from allergies. We all know that dust is a major trigger of many allergies and you would think that with Egypt being a dry sandy country, there is always dust in the air. However, what most people don’t realize is, that, it is not the dust that triggers the allergies, but the fungal spores and microbes that adhere to the dust. During the Amshir period, the breeze tends to be stronger, whipping up more dust in the air than usual, hence increasing the amount of dust that we are likely to breathe in.

If you suffer from Asthma, sinus infections or any other respiratory tract problems, then you are most likely to notice those tell tale symptoms of tightness in the chest, shortness of breath coughing, wheezing and headaches.

  5 remedies for dust allergies in Cairo

We cannot escape from the dust, but we can try to reduce our exposure to it or minimize the symptoms. Here are out top 5 tips to try and make life more bearable during the Amshir:

  1. During dust-filled days stock up on anti-dust masks (available in major pharmacies for 10-12 LE)
  2. Outsmart dust mites! Your bedroom is your ground zero, if you suffer from dust allergy, change your bedding, casing, duvet cover and curtains regularly and vacuum daily to get rid of as much Dust and pollen as possible.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar! It has the ability of reducing mucus production and cleanses the lymphatic system. Mix a teaspoon of Apple Vinegar into a glass of water and drink three times/day.  This will help relief the symptoms. Apple Cider Vinegar is available in large super markets and available at (Wadi Food 250ml for 13.5 LE)
  4. When you come home, take a hot shower to get rid of all the residues of dust and pollen that are harboring on your hair and skin. Improve your indoor air quality by changing your Air Conditioning filters regularly, even better swap with gas heaters or fans during summer
  5. Sea Water! Yes, with all the benefits of the elements in a bottle – use the strong, jet-nozzle and spray it in each nostril for instant pain relief. (ElEzaby Pharmacy for 45-50 LE)




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