Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor. Severe back pain can stop you from doing many things. Most people experience back pain problems at least once in their lives. Whatever the reason is, back pain could be a serious problem if not taken care of.


Try these 5 simple tips to ease your back pain

1- Exercise gently:

You may think it’s better if you rest your back by lying down. However it won’t make you feel any better. The best way is to continue your exercises but in a gentler smoother way, so your back pain doesn’t get worse. To simply put it: just don’t push yourself too hard!

2- Keep that belly fat in check!

One of the most important reasons for back pain is obesity. The more weight you carry – especially around your midsection, the more load you are putting on your spine. Always try to keep a healthy weight by maintaining a healthy eating plan and a suitable exercise routine.

3- Take care of how you lift: 

According to WebMD, using the proper lifting technique when carrying any heavy object is essential to prevent and ease back pain. “Bend your knees and squat, pulling in your stomach muscles and holding the object close to your body as you stand up. Don’t twist your body while lifting.”

4- Sit properly at work:

Always make sure that your computer is adjusted to your optimal level, and sit straight with your shoulders aligned to your back. Set the alarm to take a break from work every hour away from your chair to move a little.  Sitting for too long isn’t healthy for your body and general health. You may want to stretch your back during those breaks.

5- Stretch more often: 

Stretching is crucial to recover and ease back pain. Make stretching part of your daily activities, and try to stretch at least twice daily.




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