Dahab – the why

Dahab, this little town just an hour’s drive north of Sharm El Sheikh has gained a lot of popularity over the past two years for its grace, beauty and alternativeness. The warm crystal-clear sea water of this town attracted sportsmen and explorers from every side of the world to surf crazier, dive deeper and explore further into its underwater world. Scuba diving is your easiest way to enjoy this world and do your share of exploring Dahab’s fantastic dive sites!

Scuba Divers Swimming In Between School Of Fish Undersea
Scuba Divers Swimming In Between School Of Fish Undersea

Dahab has a wonderful coral reef that teems with all forms of life. Fishes, octopuses, sea turtles, jellyfishes (absolutely harmless ones!) and more live in here. And visibility ranges between 25 meters to 30 meters in summer. So it’s definitely in your best interest to be in Dahabian waters finding your connection to the sea life.

Scuba Diving Trip in Dahab

Dahab, the HOW

Scuba diving has multiple levels, which progress through deeper dives and bigger experience. If it’s your first time then you’re definitely looking for an introductory dive. That’s a recreational air tank dive that lasts on average between 30 to 45 minutes.

During this dive you get to explore one of the most famous reefs in Dahab, which is the Light House reef. The introductory dive needs no experience whatsoever with scuba diving as you’re guided and moved by an experienced instructor. It obviously still needs you to be reasonably comfortable with being in the water. The introductory dive includes all the equipment you need and can be easily organized in person or through online contact with one of the many dive centers two days prior to your dive.


It’s very likely that a single dive will get you hooked on this activity! Progressing to having your first diving course and license can follow your introductory dive. The first scuba diving course is often titled Open Water and runs for a period of 4 to 5 days. During that you will reach a maximum depth of 18 meters throughout a number of dives. The course teaches you the foundation skills you need and gives you a world recognized license that enables you to dive almost anywhere on earth! If you already have a room booked with a hotel in Dahab you can easily organize your course through your hotel or by visiting any of the dive centers around the town.

Fish tunnel

So go ahead and try how it feels to breathe underwater while observing all the variety of sea life that can be found in the beautiful warm waters of the Red Sea!


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