It’s that time of the year again when you’re running around between getting school supplies, getting the kids back on their feet, and trying to prepare quick and easy snacks for them to take to school. With all the chaos and the endless unhealthy food options surrounding our kids, maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet for them is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s why we decided to share with you a few healthy and very easy and quick to prepare snack ideas for your kids.

1. 1. Low-fat Yogurt

while most kids will probably not be overly excited about the idea of a plain yogurt, you can always make this snack more fun by adding some fruits to it, perhaps throw in some granola as well for a great parfait. Another great way to prepare it is by freezing it overnight and turning it into a fruity yoghurt pop! Kids will go crazy over it.

2. 2. Homemade chips using sweet potato

Instead of letting your kids much away on those nasty store-bought, oil-soaked potato chips, you can bake you own sweet potato slices at home and pack them for them. You can always add a sprinkle of cinnamon to make it sweeter. Sweet potato is filled with Vitamin A and B6 and Folate for your kids.


3. 3. Hummus! This Iron-filled paste

It is so popular in the west, and is surprisingly taken for granted here in the east where it originated. Hummus is a perfect nutrient, containing folate and B6 as well. Put it in brown toast, or use it as a dip for some freshly cut up vegetables like carrots and cucumbers for a healthy and nutritious midday snack.

4. 4. Fruits

Cliché as it may sounds, fruits never fail to save the day. They serve as the perfect addition to any lunchbox, in fact always be sure never to send out a lunchbox without any fruit in it. Each fruit has its own benefits and nutritious value and your kids will eventually learn to like these fruits.


5. 5. Popcorn pouches

Yes, you read it right, homemade popcorn in a plastic bag is a new and creative way to give your kids a snack to munch on instead of the less healthy alternatives, and why not add a sprinkle of cinnamon to give it a sweet taste, or a piece of fruit on top. Who knows they may actually eat that fruit!

6. 6. Watermelon slices

Sounds so easy right? Cut the watermelon up in fun cool shapes to make it more appealing to your kids, and it will be the perfect hydrating meal for your kids, especially in this hot weather.


7. 7. Snack box:

Munchies box We all know how important nuts are with their crucial nutrients like: Zinc, Iron and magnesium. A mix of nuts, whole-grain cereal, popcorn and sweet potato chips is a full pack of nutrients.
You can always get more creative and add your own touch to any of the above, or even think of whole news way in which you can provide your kids with healthy snacks while making them more appealing to them by opting for toppings they actually like.

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