Ramadan is here, and  many of us use this holy month as a chance to start new healthy habits like quitting smoking. In fact, Ramadan is a great opportunity to break nicotine addiction. For smokers, fasting for long hours can be the first step is taken towards giving up smoking.

We’re bringing you some tips that will help you quit smoking! 


1- Make a list why you want to quit
It is important to identify the reasons of why you should quit smoking. Making a list of those reasons will server as a reminder especially during those times you feel the urge to reach for that cigarette.

2- Set a quit date
Otherwise you will simply keep telling yourself that “this will be my last cigarette” but we both know it won’t be true! Instead, make a pact with yourself that by the end of Ramadan, you’ll be completely free of your addiction.

3- Get rid of your smoking kit once you quit
Throw away your cigarettes, lighters, rolling papers or tobacco. Having these things around will only increase your cravings and make it easier for you to slip right back into smoking.

4- Do it with a friend
You will be surprised how much easier it can be when you are quitting with someone. The support you will give each other will keep you both going for sometime at the very least.

5- Snack!
Fight smoke cravings with healthy snacks. Try some seeds or nuts when your cravings start getting annoying. Stay away, however, from these oriental sweets. Snack smart!

6- Distract yourself
Every time you feel like a cigarette try distracting yourself with something; it is definitely helpful to go workout after Iftar, or even watch one of the zillion TV series; whatever works really!

7- Don’t let go after Iftar!
If you’re one of these who quit cold turkey all together then quitting during the day should be eased by fasting, we’d recommend you to keep up the good work after Iftar. However, if you believe in a gradual reduce approach to quitting then try to not totally let go after Iftar. Otherwise,you’ll end up chain smoking and won’t even realize it until the whole pack is gone!

There are many ways to help you quit smoking, but the most important thing is your will to be smoke free. It will not be easy but it will sure be worth it! Good luck quitting and Happy Ramadan!


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