Let’s face it, we spend most of our lives at work and the people we work with become our second family. And like all families, you can’t choose them! Some might be great, and some could really give you a hard time. Here are 8 types of people you will likely meet in any workplace! 

1) The Talker

These are the ones who talk a lot, I mean nonstop. Talkative people always have so much to talk about in so little time. It can be hard to comprehend how this person has the ability to chat from the time they are awake to the time they fall asleep. Talkers can be really irritating on busy work days!

2) The Angry One



Just like you see angry cartoon characters with smoke coming out from their nose, angry people will slam things onto their desk, they will huff and puff because something hasn’t gone their way. Let’s not be too harsh on the angry person though, they are not always angry. They have moments where they crawl out of their angry rock.

3) The Flaw Picker

They tend to see the negative side of everything! You could say they’re pessimistic but the “Flaw Picker” is much worse than that. They are unrealistic perfectionists; nothing will ever be up to their standards. I guess this is part of their their personalities, they have to ruin the day for you.

4) The Office Butterfly



There’s always an office butterfly. A person who comes to work to have fun and socialize! They enjoy hangouts, standing in the balconies and going around offices to say hi. This person often bounds in, full of energy, and can be a ray of light in a sometimes gloomy office space. They’ll put a smile on your face and you’ll want to be around them because of the way they make you feel. They have their days too, but give them some time and they will be back to normal!

5) The Health Obsessed


They probably don’t believe in chairs and like standing or walking around the office. They always talk about CrossFit or any other sport that they are obsessed with. When it comes to food, they are fat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free , and of course junk food free!

6) The Lunch Addict!

Lunch is the one thing they are always looking forward to in this dark, terrible world.  The Passionate “Luncher” has really strong opinions about food and takes it probably more seriously than their actual job. They could go around the office and ask people to order food with them! When it’s lunchtime, quite honestly, they get a little scary.

 7) The Gossiper!


I personally believe that sometimes a stream of horrible gossip is what keeps any office strong. But there are some people who will not hesitate to throw down some trash talk. They won’t even whisper, they will gossip out loud.

 8) The Overachiever

You can spot overachievers a mile away!! They’re the busy bee that keep running around the office. They are always rushing off to the next meeting, trying to do more and more. Overachievers are great team players, although they can be a little too hard on themselves sometimes!




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