Allegedly corrupt education chiefs keep it in the household On wednesday, The work group announced Mr Napoli no longer had his job. This was because the Independent Broad based Anti Corruption Commission had that morning outlined how Mr Napoli with the possible help or perception of even more senior officials directed more than $1.5 million dollars in taxpayer funds to businesses operated by his relatives between 2007 and 2014. In his opening address on can be of IBAC’s public hearings into serious corruption within the education department, Counsel facilitating IBAC, Ian mountain QC, Named six state schools either wittingly or unwittingly active in the alleged scam. Quite simply, IBAC has found companies run by Mr Napoli’s relatives including his Sunshine motor mechanic cousins and soccer loving brother in law sending invoices to schools or directly education department chiefs for services or goods that may weren’t provided. Properly, If we were looking at provided, They had been not required or notcontracted appropriately. Mr Hill said IBAC’s research was continuing, But he warned that an overall of $2.5 million suspect transfers had been identified so far within a dubious departmental funding system known as”Banker jr high pediatric martial arts graduating classes, Given Mr Napoli’s role in managing Victoria’s school finances dates back to 1992, Mr Hill said the total extent of the alleged fraud and other misuse of funds could be much better. Mr Hill said the type of what will unfold in coming weeks in room 7.4 at the County Court will pretty deep worry”All Victorian parents of faculty aged children[Business] Have a direct stake in how the area allocates funding, Despite his starring role in Mr Hill’s opening saying, Mr Napoli was not the first enjoy called. It was an a whole lot larger fish, His better boss and friend, Former work group acting secretary Jeff Rosewarne. With close popped silver hair, A great jaw and, As a new day wore on, An enduring frown, Mr Rosewarne had been a co-worker, Boss and friend to Mr Napoli ever for the reason that pair met as junior public servants in 1980. Mr Rosewarne had alsocome to be familiar with wellmany of Mr Napoli’s family. He told the hearing he first met Mr Napoli’s cousins Carlo and Luigi Squillacioti possibly 20 rice at an AFL game. The man chosen by the Brumby feds to oversee the Black Saturday bushfire response, Mr Rosewarne time after time could not recall when, If, He became aware of Mr Napoli’s relatives being awarded school or departmental work before he left the training department in 2011. Mr Hill then produced a 1996 letter from Carlo Squillacioti to Mr Rosewarne talking about a cancelled $38,000 printing order from the office. Mr Rosewarne will not recall it, Nor a second copy then produced with his handwritten exercises for Mr Napoli to handle its filing. Mr Rosewarne did admit that some years later he began to take his cars to the Squillacioti’sCobra Motors mechanic shop in North Sunshine. Asked by Mr Hill if it was quite a distance to go from his various homes inMelbourne’s middle ring easternsuburbs, Mr Rosewarne sent a reply,Not if you think you will get value for money, Their day got worse for Mr Rosewarne. More emails and invoices were produced to show how Mr Napoli’s loved ones members had paid a $6000 bill for Mr Rosewarne’s 50th birthday in July 2007. Mr Hill produced an email exchange shortly after Mr Rosewarne’s 50th get together which shows he asked Mr Napoli to speak to him about a strictly personal matter. Hours an excellent email was sent, Mr Napoli e-mailed his cousin Carlo Squillacioti to advise: “Carlo, I will talk to you on this, This was given to me by Jeff it’s the total amount for the function. Mr Rosewarne said he had asked Mr Napoli to receive the tab because he was short of cash. He said that heoccasionally got Mr Napoli to pay web hosting things did this because his $200,000 a year salary was can not meet all his expenses. He said he paid Mr Napoli back in cash but could hardly access receipts to prove it.

Mr Napoli in turn sent the invoices from the eatery to a Cobra Motors current email address contact information to be paid. Mr Rosewarne said he had no idea as to the reasons this had occurred. Just at least a year later in August 2008, More dubious invoices including Mr Rosewarne, Mister Napoli, The Squillacioti siblings, Other family and schools were produced. One set focused a $24,200 invoice transported to Mr Rosewarne by Mr Napoli’s brother in law, Ron Barba, For a trip to man utd and David Beckham’s UK soccer academies as part of a feasibility study for a partnership with disadvantaged schools. Next was aset of remarkably similar invoices from a company linked to the Squillacioti brothers that were sent to theMoonee Ponds West Primary School and Parkwood Secondary College on repeated occasionsfor up to $7000worth of video and multi media services supposedly provided to the department. Mr Rosewarne could not shed any light on why the theoretically separate invoices had the same invoice number nor, Of hospitality attire case, Explain how an invoice for services was emailed one minute before preliminary requestedquote was sent. Mr pile, Who described the chains of communication as a”Charade of false postings” Nicely”Being cheated, Then produced an email from Mr Napoli to his cousin with an attached set of template documents which were used as the reason for invoices. Mr Rosewarnewas then shown emails and invoices related to the 2008 party he and then fellow deputy secretary Darrell Fraser put on for selected staff. The $5000 party was paid for by the Brighton Primary School and the catering furnished by a friend of Mr Rosewarne’s. But using his discreet email, Mr Rosewarne instructed the principal to pay an invoice from his friend’s decor business not his caterer company for”Goods and provider” Provided by across December. Any further messages was to go to his private email, He showed. There was no reference to any party. Mr Rosewarne said the teachers was reimbursed by the department for the party. But he admitted the invoice was untrue and an make an effort to avoid”People asking everyone else’s business” And freedom of data requests from the media who would portray him and others as”Fat pet, The day ended with another set of false invoices to hide Mr Rosewarne’s acquisition of a $5000 desk for his home office behind a sham printing contract paid by Moonee Ponds West PS. To achieve Mr Rosewarne, Day the IBAC hearing saw a stellar 30 year public service career destroyed in hours. For many Victorians, Day one cast into severe doubt repeated assurances from politicians that their state does not have a nsw style corruption problem.


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