How often do you find someone following their dream and working hard to achieve it and make it happen? We were lucky enough to stumble across a young man who made his dream come true and decided to share with you the story of making the impossible, possible. Ladies and gentlemen meet Samir El Degwi, founder of Transforma!

Who are you?

My name is Samir El Degawi, I am 27 years old. I am an Interior Designer, I have my own wrought iron (Ferforje) factory and I work as a fitness coach for Egyptian International Squash players. I am also the founder and the sole owner of Transforma Fitness Program.


What is Transforma?

It is a fitness and sports program that encourages healthy living by providing people with the suitable sports program, life coach and a nutritionist. The goal is to help overweight people lose weight and help healthy people maintain their shape.


Why did you start Transforma?

One day my friends and I went on a hiking trip on St. Catharine mountain and we were all athletes but half way through we became very tired. During that time, we came across the sight of a guy with amputated legs in his 60s who was hiking and at that point I thought to myself that I am not as strong as I thought I was. I returned back home and started thinking, how I can change this, I wanted to change my core and I wanted to become stronger, One of my friends suggested that I start the Insanity program which is a fitness program that transforms you in 60 Days.

Which is what I did, during these 60 days I used to wake up at 5 AM and work out till 9 PM all by myself, then after a while a couple of my friends asked to join and we started training in groups. Afterwards, we decided that we wanted to start team “Insanity Egypt” which is not just about the program and watching videos but it is also about having the support and the community that encourages you with life coaches, nutritionists and group exercising. We noticed how this changed the lives of people so we decided to have our own company and our own brand which is how Transforma immerged.

How did you come up with the name?

The name is a merge between Transformation and “Forma” which means fit in Arabic.  So basically the name means that they will transform your body to a fit shape.


Is it only a fitness program?

No, we have other things like Girls American Football Team (Pink Warriors) and we have Transforma Camps.


How does the camp differ from the fitness program?

The camp can be a team from a school or just normal people who want a break from their routine and the normal life. We go somewhere different by the sea, by the mountains or just a hidden place where we are completely cut off from life. They don’t do anything other than eat and train for the duration of the camp and it is very popular.

In one sentence, say something than would encourage people to join Transforma?

We can transform your life in an unexpected time.


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