With the fitness industry growing tremendously in Egypt these days, a lot of Egyptians athletes are opting to Whey protein supplementation to enhance their athletic performance. In the previous article, I shed some light on protein in general and Whey in specific. Make sure to give it a glance if you haven’t already.

Before hitting the supplement store to put your hands on the most gigantic tub of Whey protein to assist you transmute your hard work at the gym into well-earned physique, please make sure to checkpoint the following pointers:

whey supplements

1. Your daily protein intake is largely dependant upon your age and level of activity. A safe place to start would be 1 gm per kilogram of bodyweight, this could go as high as 2 gm for professional athletes.

2. Don’t tax your kidneys! Remember to drink water throughout the day. 1.5 to 2 liters is a good start. If you workout outdoors or you’re a swimmer you should increase your water intake further for you’re prone to more fluid loss through perspiration. Do not depend on thirst as a reminder to drink. It’s a poor indicator.

3. Opt for high biological value “HBV” protein. Those are proteins from animal sources. High biological value means that they contain all essential amino acids.They should constitute the majority of your protein intake.

4. If you’re vegetarian, opt for eggs and milk as your sources of HBV proteins. If you’re pure vegan; mix your plant based proteins and please follow up with a knowledgeable nutritionist!

5. Always vary your sources of protein! Yes I need to perish your plans if you were thinking of depending solely on protein shakes as your major source.

6. Veggies and fruits are important too! Protein metabolism creates an acidic medium in the body “not a favorable medium” thus make sure to eat lots of veggies and fruit throughout the day preferably with every meal. The less cooked the better to retain the natural vitamins and antioxidants. Do not depend entirely on fruit neglecting your veggies.

7. When to take to your protein shake? Only after you’ve had your “real” food protein sources checked should you opt for whey protein to complete your daily protein requirements. Opt for whey isolate rather than concentrate. Refer to previous article here for an explanation of such recommendation.

8. Value for money: If you, like me, are smart budget enthusiast, don’t spend your hard earned money on whey hydrolysate and stick with the isolate. Better invest in a solid multivitamin.

9. Read the nutritional value table on the tub. Protein content per serving is not the only important thing. always check the carb and fat content per serving. Your choice should be based on your goal.

Take the time to plan, mentally, how the day will unfold, when and where you will fit your meals and snacks to fuel your furnace. Invest the time in planning, otherwise you’re planning to settle for less than what you can achieve.

Until next time; work hard, eat right, sleep tight and don’t forget to have some fun while at it!


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