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Cheerleading is all about motivating the audience! Cheerleaders will do intense physical activity including jumps, cheers, stunts and even yells! And guess what? Light was shed on cheerleaders ever since the late 18th century!

A while ago we only saw cheerleaders in English movies. However, surprisingly, it is now one of the sports with the highest demand! A fitness class named ‘Cheerobics’ is now one of the most successful classes in many gyms.

What is Cheerobics? According to Pakinam Hesham (Paky) Instagram: @PakyHesham, Cheerobics has the best of both worlds as it combines between Cheerleading techniques and Aerobics. Paky is a certified instructor. We decided to try out the class at Fly Fit gym and give you our feedback.

Well, it’s a heart-pounding, calorie-burning, smile-inducing workout. It is not a dance class like Zumba, we actually did lots of squats and killer exercises, after 20 minutes into the exercise we lost our breath. Paky yelled at us ‘DON’T Stop’ because of many reasons amongst which is sudden drop of the heart rate, which will cause you to be fatigue!  You have to keep moving and push through.

Paky took us through her journey. What inspired her was Samira Khalil, Instagram: @Samirakhalil First instructor in the Middle East. Samira is a master trainer and regional rep. she is the first Egyptian to be a certified Cheerobics instructor!  To delve deep into it check out CheerobicsEgypt on Facebook and Instagram.

We must say we were interested to know more about Cheerobics in Egypt, its challenges and rewards. Paky told us the most challenging thing she faced was “Having to smile the whole time”. She explained that it is a necessity to smile, cheer and give people good vibes.

It is great that this sport is becoming more and more popular amongst young females in Egypt. Cheerobics encourages you to unleash your inner cheerleader, and lead you through physically demanding, easy-to-follow fitness routines inspired by dance teams and cheerleaders. The routines are designed to build endurance, sculpt your muscles, and BURN calories. Try out and discover your next obsession.

Our verdict is, try out if you are into energetic, calorie burning and high intense workouts. If you are not that fit yet, try out some introductory low-impact workout first to build up your body muscles.


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