Are you considering CrossFit?

In the previous article Into The CrossFit World, we briefly discussed the CrossFit method and how it differs from Boot camps. The first question that comes across the mind of anyone thinking of starting CrossFit, is whether they will be able to do it or not and if it is really the right sport for them. Well rest assured, you can do it. Anyone can do CrossFit, but there a few things you need to consider.

The program requires your patience

A CrossFit workout is highly intense but the program can be suitablyDarrenTwissell_Old man ring_th scaled for each individual. This simply means that any CrossFit WOD (Workout Of the Day) can be performed regardless of your gender, age, weight, or fitness level. As described by Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, Inc. “Not being able to complete a WOD doesn’t mean that you can’t do CrossFit.” You may choose to reduce the load or cut / drop the sets. “In making these modifications the athlete is merely turning down the intensity.”

Many people tend to have high expectations when they start a new training program. They either expect fast results, perfect the form and technique of the different movements; or thinking that after a month, they will look like one of those CrossFit gods. However, when it comes to starting CrossFit, you will need to be a bit patient.

Rule number one “technique comes first”

Remember that the CrossFit program combines elements of Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, cardio, and core training. If you are unable to focus on achieving proper techniqueCrossFitque – whether it is in a gymnastics movement or in weightlifting –you may not progress at all. Most importantly, if your body isn’t prepared for a high intensity workout paired with weights, you are simply asking for injury.

Most of the good CrossFit boxes offer an “on-ramp” program – which prepares you for the general CrossFit classes. The program will take you through some fundamentals and that is where you can establish a good starting point with developing a proper technique. So before you get so tempted to add weights to the barbell, put some effort in mastering the skill first!

Do not quit too soon!

Some people quit too soon because they either tend to compare their performance to others in the box, they may not be certain about a specific movement, or are simply too shy to do the scaled workout.

While the “on-ramp program” will introduce you to the basics, some movements may not be repeated every week.  It’s important to ask your coach if you are uncertain about something; that’s what S/he is there for!) No one is expecting you to be an elite CrossFit athlete when you are just starting!

Choose the right CrossFit box

You are not only picking a place to work out in, but you are also choosing a community of people who will support and encourage you. If you actually choose the right box, you will not find yourself too shy to scale the workout or ask about a certain movement. Make sure you train with a coach you can actually talk to! Arrogant coaches are useless even if they design the best training programs!


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