CrossFit Monkey Bars is one year old! And for this occasion, they had decided to celebrate with some serious fun: The Jungle Games!

Taking place on Friday June 3rd in their new facility inside the International School of Elite Education, The Jungle Games will feature two main activities:  Dodge ball games and jungle games competition.

The jungle games competition is a bodyweight challenge where teams of three: two males, one female – will be competing in 3 different challenges against each other.  So far, there are around 43 teams registered from different CrossFit boxes and gyms!

Unlike the jungle games competition, dodge ball games do not require prior online registration but you can register on the event day. For more information about the Jungle Games, please follow this link

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Led by Riham Masoud, founder and head coach, CrossFit Monkey Bars had changed its facility location from Mountain View, last April, to accommodate its fast growing community members. The new facility is located inside the International school of Elite Education where the bootcamp sessions take place at the football court allowing the accommodation of multiple sessions at a time. A separate area is solely dedicated to box and rookies (on the ramp) sessions.

CrossFit Monkey bars offers different programs that target different age groups, fitness levels as well as different interests:

  • Bootcamp Monkeys (bodyweight exercises, cardio, endurance)
  • Box Monkeys (CrossFit gymnastics, Olympic lifting, weightlifting, endurance)
  • The Rookies (CrossFit foundations course)
  • Little Monkeys (CrossFit Kids)
  • Yogi Monkeys (Yoga & Pilates)

Check out the full class schedule here!


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