Dealing with your boss can be challenging at times. Some of them may be supportive and easy to deal with; while others are just hard to please. Researches have shown that the real reason behind why people leave their jobs wasn’t work load – related  nor low salaries; in fact it was their boss. The problem is most of us don’t know to how to manage up with them, some even think of them as difficult clients to please.

Here Are 5 Strategies To Deal With A Horrible Boss:

1-  Understand their expectations: You need to understand what’s their definition of success, what concerns them, what is the best implementation of a certain task and most importantly their expectations. Try to see things from your boss’s perspective so that you would be able to talk with his language in ways that compliments his values, goals and priorities.

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2- Accept criticism: See their criticism as a constructive feedback that will help do better in your job – rather than personal attacks. Without feedback, you will have no idea where you stand with your boss and any problem will only get worse as time passes.

3- Take Responsibility instead of being defensive: If you did anything wrong while doing your job, admit it immediately, and correct it instead of making up excuses and defending yourself. Mistakes are part of any learning process; when you communicate them clearly and honestly, your boss will not only appreciate your honesty but will support you!

4- Give your boss a chance to response: The best way to deal with your boss it to speak up, communicate what bothers you and listen to their side of the story, and offer some solutions to the problem. You may be surprised that communicating properly  can open a new door full of collaborations and respect.

5- Never let your boss’s bad behavior influence yours:  Many people lose interest in their job, or stop performing well because of their boss’s bad behavior. Never do that! If your boss is inflexible, don’t be inflexible yourself. If you can’t reach an agreement with your boss, you can follow appropriate professional actions in signing a complaint with your human resources department or with higher level superior to reach an agreement on how you wanted to be treated.
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When you fail to let your concerns promptly known, it will build your frustration slowly and you will blow up one day. But if you can communicate your problems clearly, your boss may be able to correct himself. People only speak up when things boils over, when they get too angry to contain themselves and that’s when they behave in their worst way.



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