Address: 114, Thawra Street, Heliopolis

Number: 16513

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‘You are what you eat” wont’ you agree? Food does say a lot about who we are. Let’s try to think of what we really eat. Whenever we are out and about, we usually go for fast food for a quick fix, but if you are on a diet, or watching your calorie intake it is a struggle.

This is why we decided to try out Diet House. They promise food is cooked without a single drop of oil! They have fries, burgers and pasta. This was what caught our eyes most!

We wanted to know the story behind Diet House and found out that a group of dieticians came up with the menu, making the food just as fun but with no oil and much lower calories. The menu includes pasta, pizza, rice and even French fries!


As we entered, the place was spotless, staff were very friendly, and the menu looked delicious.  We tried the ‘Dieters sandwich’ (boy! it sounded healthy). It was for 31 LE and had only 265 calories, which is quite reasonable. We also topped that with French fries. The sandwich tasted OK, however, you do feel it is a diet sandwich. The bread is brown and it wasn’t juicy enough. To give our taste buds a little sweet aftertaste we tried one chocolate ball. The chocolate was dark, however, we did like the sharp taste of it….

To sum it up, Diet House is a mixture between healthy and fun, so it has fries and all the food you would crave but with almost half the calories (or even less). It won’t taste as juicy as junk food, but it is worth the try. They also have 7 branches: Dokki, Heliopolis, Manial, Mohandessin, Nasr City, Zamalek, Agouza and Rehab.



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