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One of the famous, widely used weight-training equipment pieces are dumbbells. They basically consist of two equal weights attached to a handle, and the weights can of course be adjusted according to every individual. Dumbbells are mainly used to build, tone and develop muscles in most parts of the body. They come in various weights, sizes and even materials.

According to Fit day, presently, there are three main types of dumbbells: adjustable, fixed weight and selectorized dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells are made of metal, and their handles feature a crosshatch pattern to provide a better grip. The weight disks can be easily slid onto the ends of the handle and secured with collars or clips. Fixed-weight ones have weights that cannot be removed, and they are either made of iron or plastic shells filled with concrete. Selectorized dumbbells also have adjustable weights, and they offer a more convenient way for users to change weights. Weights can be easily changed by moving selector pins or turning a dial.

Over the years, many new techniques of using dumbbells have been developed, they can be used to train almost every part of the body and not just arms. There was a time where dumbbells where mostly used by men, and nowadays women use them too, they just usually require lower weights.


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