In support of Egypt’s Autism Awareness Day, Egypt landmarks are lit up blue. On the 2nd of April at 7:00 pm in honor of the Autism Community around the world.  Karnak, Luxor temples, Cairo Tower, Suez Canal Authority Building, Qasr Al-Aini hospital, 57357 Hospital, Alexandria Library,  AUC, the Citadel, Le Pacha, City Stars and other landmarks have been lit up blue.

Around the world, thousands of landmarks in more than 147 countries supported Autism Speaks initiative to mark its 7th annual Light It Up Blue campaign and raise global awareness of autism.

World Autism Awareness Day

One in 68 children worldwide is diagnosed with Autism and one in 42 boys according to Autism Speaks. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability, which is not an ‘illness’ it is a spectrum condition that affects people in different ways. Autistic people experience difficulties in social communication and interaction and exhibit restrictive and repetitive behavior and interests.

The Egyptian Autistic Society launched a social media campaign #IamTheFirstStep where people posted their stories with dealing and helping someone with autism in Egypt.

Here is how instagrammers captured the #Liub

The great Hatshepsut temple ( Luxor- Egypt ) lit up in blue for Autism #iamthefirststep #AutismAwareness #LIUB

A photo posted by Egyptian Autistic Society (@egyptian_autistic_society_) on


I am the first step. The Cairo tower lit blue for Autism awareness. #iamthefirststep #AutismAwareness #LIUB #autismspeaks #ThisIsEgypt

A photo posted by Taimour Othman | تيمور عثمان (@taimouro) on

Different not less!! Today my angel learn he has autism ? his reaction.. I knew it ?? I don’t know why I just know that you are perfect my love, he teaches me to be strong #liub #lightitupblue #atismawareness #autism #differentnotless

A photo posted by V E R O N I C A (@enjoy_letsgo) on

Light it up blue. #worldautismawarenessday #AutismAwareness #LIUB #lightitupblue @autismspeaks @empirestatebldg

A video posted by Daniel Baldey (@dbaldey) on


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