Flow Wellness Center Review


13 Dr. Naguib Hashad St.,

Off of Abdel Hamid Badawi St, and behind Hegaz Square

Phone: 01227719608

For the very first time in Egypt, there is a certified yoga center. Flow is a mother and child wellness center located in Heliopolis. Flow provides a full range of pre-and post-natal classes for both mum and child (aged 4 weeks to 4 years).

Your little ones won’t mind arching their tiny, soft and fragile bodies into downward facing dog pose. Babies and toddlers do enjoy yoga, they love being massaged and given the right stretches.


Flow Wellness center is located in a very peaceful neighborhood in Heliopolis. It has a ‘no-shoe’ policy, take your shoes off and you may enter! We loved how calm, sterile and spotless clean the studio was! It has relaxing reading areas to chill before the classes begin. The environment is very relaxing and welcoming.

Flow Wellness Center

You might be wondering how the idea of Flow come up? Well, three young mums  who lived in Egypt and couldn’t take their youngsters to any place but the mall or the sporting club decided they needed more bonding and relaxation with their children! Jaime ([email protected]),  Mariam ( [email protected]) and Rania( [email protected]) decided they wanted to create a happy environment for young mums and their babies. She explained to us how this is what she loved doing. Jaimie and her 2 partners are certified form Yoga Alliance and BrithLight Foundation Organization.

Flow Wellness Center

Jaimie explained how baby yoga is known for helping the mom and baby bond together and interact in a stress-free and quiet environment. Not only that, baby Yoga also helps the little ones develop their motor skills. She added that one major benefit of baby yoga is that it reduces the frustration in young ones and also helps the mother emotionally bond with her child and everyone around her. Sometimes the mother goes through a lot after the long and hard pregnancy, Flow helps mothers interact with one another and share their stories. One challenge Flow faced was to spread the awareness of the importance of mother- baby bonding and how such classes help develop a more balanced and healthy relationship.

Flow Wellness Center

There are diverse classes designed for different age groups at Flow. For example.

Infant Massage: For mothers with babies from 4 weeks to 6 months old

Baby Massage: For babies from from 3 months to 12 months old.

Toddler Yoga: For children from 18 months- 4 yrs

And there are many more!

Flow Wellness Center

The great news is, Flow also offers classes for women who want to stay in shape during pregnancy and also shed the extra pounds afterwards.

Because this is a new thing to Egypt, at first most participants were expats, but Jamie explained that now people understand the idea behind Flow, and that was the thing worrying the 3 young founders the most. Flow also offers different workshops.  SAFE  workshop is designed for girls aged 5-12, it teaches them how to react to harassers and all the do’s and dont’s.

To all pregnant women out there and young moms, this is a quiet, professional studio to help you bond with your child, get back in shape and make new friends.

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