What is worse that sneezing, coughing, and having that ‘can’t move a muscle feeling’ ? Colds suck, but making them worse shouldn’t be an option. Here are foods that could actually make it a whole lot worse!

1)Sugary Foods : 


We all love sugar, but when having a cold this shouldn’t even be an option! Why is that? Well, sugars, whether it’s cake, candy or cookies can prevent your body from getting rid of congestion. According to LiveStrong, extra sugar can also reduce the ability of white blood cells to fight illness.

2) Milk:


When sick, try to avoid milk. According to Mayo Clinic, milk can increase the mucus in the throat and cause irritation. Liquids are good for you, but too much milk can slow down your recovery. Instead, drink water or organic fruit juice.

3) Meat:


Shockingly, animal fats hinder your body’s ability to get rid of the germs causing the flu so you experience symptoms longer or experience more severe symptoms. Replace chicken, and beef with plant foods, such as leafy green salads to get more antioxidants that fight off infection more quickly.

4) Fried Foods:


Stay away from excess fats when you are sick. This goes for processed snacks and fried foods. Foods high in fat cause inflammation which produces a less active immune system. If anything, fried food  will keep you in bed longer. According to Greatist.com, foods high in fats can be harder to digest and don’t provide the needed nutrients for your body to heal faster.

5) Fast Food and Processed Foods


Surprise, surprise…. it should be very obvious to stay away from fast and processed food when sick. These kinds of foods lack nutritional value. They bring hardly anything to the table in terms of boosting the immune system or amplifying your health.

When you have a cold or flu, stick with a diet of whole, fresh foods and plenty of liquids. Drink tea, eat soup, use spices like turmeric, ginger, and garlic; consume some honey, and nurse yourself back to health naturally.


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