10 things you need to know about Gold’s Gym New Cairo branch!
Gold’s gym Road 90: Rock Climb your way through Gold’s gym’s newest branch!
Working Hours 7:00 – Midnight

1-Parking – parking is available on the service road outside Gold’s gym, however it can get very busy. The alternative is the underground quiet, spacey parking lot in Concord Mall, 7 LE for the whole day. The exit from the parking is right in the middle of the service road, which is usually cramped, I’d say Just go for your workout and worry about getting out of the parking lot later, you’ll probably be so high on the endorphins from the workout it won’t even bother you.
2- Getting There! – If you chose to park in the underground car park, there are stairs that take you conveniently and directly to the entrance of the gym. On the ground floor is the sales reception so if you want to inquire about membership or just need a tour around the place, this is your Go-to place. Climb up to the 2nd floor, (I counted this as part of my workout) friendly and tentative reception staff instantly welcomes you. This is also where the main exercise area is, it is divided into a Mixed Area on the right and a spacious, ladies only area on the left.
3- Getting Around! – As soon as you enter you get into the ‘mood’; this exercise-inspiring music – making you feel like ‘Rocky’, machines operating and coaches all over the place. After signing-in and getting your nicely wrapped clean towel, you can head to the changing rooms or begin your workout. The main area of the gym has essentially 4 zones, the weight training machines (the array and range are amazing), the aerobic fitness machine area, rock climbing and the free weights. To one side of the reception is also a mini café providing healthy and handy snacks for either a pre workout boost or a post workout recovery.
4- Rock Climbing! – The rock-climbing wall is pretty impressive. It is a new feature offered only in this branch, where you are trained to climb up the rocks with a professional trainer. The wall has been designed to cater for beginners and more experienced climbers.
5- Classes on offer- If your main aim is aerobics fitness, then there is plenty on offer including yoga, Pilates, spinning classes, amongst others, all included with your membership. The classes are carried out in three purpose built studios. The first is a spinning studio, which is filled with high tech cyclers arranged in a lecture hall manner, so everyone can see the instructor. The second is for aerobics classes and the third is for mind & body classes, it’s too cold compared to the other studios, but it’s quiet and clean and is designed to fit the mood of the classes.
6- What’s more! – Adjacent to the three studios are the changing and locker rooms, you just need to bring a lock with you or order one from the sales office for 25LE. With the addition to a sauna room, a steam room, a Jacuzzi and showers. The locker room is super clean; you have fresh towels and a place to dispose the old ones. The Jacuzzi comes with chaise longue and low ambient, for your utmost relaxation.
7- Ladies’ area – From the locker room comes the entrance to the ladies only gym, which is as big as the mixed gym, with quite a number of machines, unlike the other cramped gyms, there is plenty of free space to do any extra machinery free exercises.
8-Rooftop for her! – The last and the best kept secret is the part of the gym that is on the roof, it’s divided into two parts like the gym itself mixed and e ladies only. When you enter there is an indoor lounge which looks quite comfortable and an outdoor lounge that sits by the pool with an addition to a mini bar, which I’m guessing is for the pool refreshments. It was hard to believe that this beautiful area was the rooftop in a mall. It was so quiet and relaxing that it felt like you were out of Cairo, It seemed to be a perfect location for not just when you go to the gym for a workout but even for evening drinks!
9- Rooftop for ALL! – The mixed area of the rooftop is well lit and seems more inviting to sit or have a swim. There is also a training track in the mixed area, where you can have a nice jog in the fresh breezy New Cairo air. And not to forget mentioning they have all these secret passages that lead you up to the roof and back to your locker room, or you can just directly go to the roof using the main stairs/elevator.
10- Membership Pricing – The prices of the membership range from 8000-10,000 LE per year, depends on if you are a student or an adult. For students they have special offers in certain universities like AUC and GUC. And offers for some companies where the fees sometimes goes down to half the regular fees (around 5500 LE).
Go there if:
You like spacey areas and a lot of facilities/activities. The environment is very friendly and everybody seems to be eager to train, which provides a motivating environment. You have not exercised in years, you are a hardened endorphin junky
Don’t go there if:
You have high expectations for a customer service mainly because their complaint center is a bit of drag and any inquiries about classes is poorly answered to.


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