If you’re a regular gym person then you must have spent sometime around the machines to know there are certain unspoken rules for the gym. If you’re a gym newbie, you probably don’t!

The gym is a very tricky place where privacy can be a very unclear term; for that you’ve got to pick up quickly on gym etiquette if you don’t wish your fellow gym goers to be always giving you ‘those’ looks! We brought you some of the basic do’s and don’t’s for gym goers:


Leave no sweat behind

Everyone sweats at the gym, that’s pretty much the purpose of the gym visit and it is normal. What is not normal –or okay for that matter- is leaving the machine with your sweat on them. Make sure to wipe all machines after using them; I bet you won’t be happy using a machine with someone else’s sweat on it.

Don’t hog the machines

Between your reps, please don’t just sit on the machine as if you own it. Usually, others would like to train too and they can definitely fit in a rep between yours while you take a minute or two to rest. You are important, just not the center of the universe! Now that brings us to the next point…

Don’t lurk around the machines

If you want to use a machine and someone else is using it, do the polite thing and don’t just hover over them! First of all it’s simply not polite, just put yourself in their shoes and imagine trying to work out with someone looming over your head like the shadow of death. Do the right thing and let them know you’re waiting for the machine after them or simply ask to share with them.

Put your weights back

If you can lift 60 kg that is very good for you; but it is not others’ job to re-rack the plates or the dumbbells you used! 


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