Despite your day-time diet resolutions, do you wake up EVERY night with the urge to head up to the fridge and feast on bread, cheese, biscuit, etc. to quieten this insatiable craving and be able to go back to sleep?

Is sugar the greatest risk to our health? not fat?! Is the old timer eat less/do more a fad after all, says my friend who is a GP after  having read the Harcombe Diet Book  Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight – by  Zoe Harcombe. Kindle $3.99. Zoe Harcombe has researched nutrition, diet, craving and obesity for 20 years and was determined to find out “Why do people overeat, when they want so badly to be slim” Harcombe has come to her theory of harnessing food cravings in 3 phases. First, the book explains that there are 3 medical conditions, which cause insatiable food  cravings –

1) Candida

Candida is a yeast, which lives our digestive system and causes no harm if it stays in balance. If Candida multiplies out of of control it can cause trouble leading to insatiable sugar cravings (bread, biscuit, fruit, vinegary and pickled food, etc.)

2- Food Intolerance

Food intolerance means your body isn’t able to cope with a particular food any longer, which in itself causes cravings of the same food

3- Hypoglycemia

Greek for the state your body is in if your blood sugar level is too low, and will tell your body it needs to top up (cravings) on any carbohydrate.

To overcome those problems, Zoe Harcombe developed this diet, structured  in three phases:

Phase 1 (Just 5 days – Harness Food Cravings)

Designed to give you a head-start, you can have unlimited meat, fish, eggs, vegetables (except potatoes/mushrooms), Natural Live (bio) Yogurt, herbs, spices and one portion of ‘safe’ grains daily (brown rice, quinoa, oats) You can have as much water and herbal tea without milk. 2 golden rules: No Caffeine. No processed food. 

Phase 2 (as long as you want to lose weight)

It reintroduces good carbs, and it is very easy to follow: 3 golden rules – avoid processed food (remember real food in its natural form .g. fruit not fruit juice, home-made pasta and salad sauces not out of a jar ) Don’t combine fat and carbs in one meal and don’t eat food that gives you cravings.

Phase 3 (as long as you want to maintain your weight)

Follow all phase 2 rules but allow yourself some infrequent cheats e.g. a dessert. By now your body has gotten rid of all cravings so don’t cheat too much or too often so you don’t go back to square one all over again.

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