CrossFit And Injuries

You had probably heard that CrossFit is dangerous. Google ‘CrossFit injuries’ and you will find plenty of articles and memes blaming CrossFit for its quiet high injury rate. In fact, CrossFit  – like any other sport – is not injury free. Injuries happen due to many factors including bad coaching, and poor form.

Tips To Avoid CrossFit Injuries: 

CrossFit - tips

1- Choose the right coach: It does not matter if your coach was the best CrossFit athlete out there, coaching is completely different. Find yourself a good, well educated coach. Remember to always communicate your goals, abilities, and weaknesses to your trainer. 

2- Do not ignore the fundamentals: Most CrossFit boxes offer an “on the ramp” program prior to participation in regular classes. “On the ramp” covers the fundamentals or the basics of CrossFit. You should not dwell into a high-intensity training program if you do not have a solid foundation. 

3- Know the difference between intensity and insanity:  Increasing intensity, increasing frequency of training or increasing load all lead to an increased load on the muscles. Remember that your body needs time to adapt to any new training regime. Give your body the time to build its strength.

4- Know your limits and when to stop: It is important to differentiate between feeling exhausted from a workout, and feeling sharp pain in your joints or muscles. If it hurts, fix it early – that’s the rule!

If you feel uncomfortable performing certain movements, take some time off to fix them till you master them. Whether it is a gymnastic skill or an Olympic lift, technique always comes first!

CrossFit - tips

5- Leave your ego at the door: Our bodies learn new skills through repetitions, constant corrections and feedback. It is completely normal to start learning by a PVC pipe before you can start using a barbell loaded with weights. If you are not sure you are doing it right, ask your coach.

Do not compare yourself with other members in the box. Although competition always adds to a successful training program, your goal should always be doing YOUR best, not being THE best. Remember that CrossFit is a sport with various elements; Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, cardio and others. Rich Froning – The Fittest Man in History –  was never the first in any running WOD!



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