After a long shopping day at Cairo Festival City Mall, We stopped at The Village to check out the new restaurants. Luckily, Leila Men Lebanon was open!

To start out, the staff members were very welcoming and cheerful, they escorted us to our seats and luckily, we choose to sit in a place where we can see the dancing fountain. The menu is very colorful and the good thing about it is that it has healthy sections. There are plates for Weight Watchers where the calories are counted and the plates are cooked with the healthiest ingredients.

We ordered Fattah, Shawerma, Stuffed Vine Leaves and Kozbara Potatoes as well as lemon mint juice. We were starving and thankfully, they served us freshly baked bread with olives as a starter so we can enjoy some dipping in the waiting. The bread tasted amazing, we were positive that our plates would be great too.

And the plates ARRIVED! We were excited to taste them. The Fattah to start with was mouthwatering and had nuts on top to add a little crunch. What is great about Leila is that they stand out in the way they do their Lebanese plates, the small additions they add make a difference. The Kozbara Potatoes were a bit spicy but they tasted really good as well. Of course the cold stuffed vine leaves topped all the other plates, and the addition of olive oil on top made it the star plate of the day!

After eating and drinking our freshly made lemon mint, we to decided on the traditional desert ‘Ghazal Beirut’, it is like Egyptian Konafa , only more sweet and with ice cream, we couldn’t have been any happier.

I have to say I enjoyed my meal at Leila, the view was stunning, the staff were great, Leila Men Lebnan is a place you have to try.

The drawback: Plates are a bit expensive compared to other Lebanese restaurants.


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