Lettuce Review! Lettuce Eat!

Nothing is better than delicious and healthy food, in a time where almost everything around us is fattening. Lettuce Eat is a modern restaurant where healthy food is the focus and salads are the stars of the menu, they also do a selection of other foods including soup and pasta.

We tried what they do best, salads. Firstly we started with the Quinoa chicken infusion salad. Quinoa seeds are known for their amazing taste and super health benefits. The salad was clean and fresh. Everything was neatly put in the box, with the lemon sauce on the side. The Salad cost 77 LE, but the portion was huge, it could easily have fed 2 starving people, maybe even 3.

We then gave the Mexican delight salad a try. It was unique; it had nachos on top with a special chili sauce, we loved it. The salad was worth 53 LE, again the portion was huge. All salads came with a bread loaf.

Our experience at lettuce eat was a great one, the restaurant is clean and has a crisp fresh feel, the salads were well packaged and tasty while remaining healthy. At present they have branches in Zamalek and 5th settlement. The only drawback is that they are a bit over-priced but the salads are huge, there are no sizes to choose from.

Give lettuce eat a try, it is worth it!




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