Stop smoking this Ramadan!

Happy Ramadan Everyone! We all know fasting is all about willpower! This is your perfect time to kick that bad habit once and for all. Many people who quit smoking confirm that the main reason they managed to quit smoking is whole-hearted determination.

During the fasting hours (which will exceed 16+ in Egypt this year 2015) you will have endured and managed all those withdrawal symptoms. All you need to do is manage a little longer and it is done!

The main chemical in tobacco is Nicotine, an incredibly addictive substance. It alters the mood and acts as a stimulant, leading to feelings of well being, stimulated memory, alertness amongst many other feel-good symptoms.Here you go, Ramadan is your golden ticket to quit and stay off smoking.

Here are some tips to become and stay smoke-free starting this holy month.

  • Have Iftar away from the smoking crowd; stay home if you have to, remember that bad influence will ruin everything at the early phases of quitting!
  • Avoid the types of drink or food that are normally associated with your smoking habit
  • If you decide to go for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) such as patches, gums, nasal sprays, inhalers, etc. Make sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist
  • Leave the table immediately after breaking fast if you intend to end it with a cigarette on the balcony. Take a walk or read your Maghreb prayers instead of lighting up. Always look for new distractions wherever possible.
  • Surround yourself with a support system of family and friends who will encourage you to stay off tobacco.
  •  Finally, stock up on physical substitutes for cigarettes. This will mimic the hand-to-mouth motion. Try sugar-free candies, gums, or your favorite Ramadan mixed nuts & dried fruit.



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