The first thing that comes to our mind when we are hungry is to order “fast food”. Fast food really hits the spot for many people, it’s quick, tasty, and, best of all, cheap. However, we tend to forget that it is also loaded with calories, sugar, sodium, and fat. When you’re watching your weight and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, finding healthy well-balanced meals is somehow a challenge. Good news is, My Joules is here to help you with that!

So What Exactly Is My Joules ?

My Joules is a food outlet that offers various different menus and programs that taste great and are guilt free as well! They deliver right to your doorstep; all you have to do is stick to the program, heat up your meals, and reach your goals. Diet plans are tailored to everyone’s personal and dietary needs, where members are asked to fill in a detailed a detailed questionnaire.


The Various Programs Include:

1) Weight Loss program: This program helps you lose a couple of pounds based on a calculated BMI and your lifestyle. Meals are based on the needed combination of calories, fats, and carbs needed for your body

2) Vegetarian ,Vegan and coptic fasting program. 

3) Bridal: A one month program made specifically for the bride-to-be. It helps shed those couple of pounds, and nourishes your hair and skin, giving you that amazing glow on your special day!

4) Diabetic: This program is made specifically for diabetic patients. Following this rigorous program will help in controlling your illness and eat stress free.

5) Kids.

6) Maintaining Healthy.

7) Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy: This will help newly mums with their nourishment as well as the baby’s needs, whether it’s during pregnancy or after.

My Joules offers a variety of packages with different prices to suit everyone’s need; from an all-inclusive package to family packages.

You have no excuse to try out My Joules, and trust us, it is worth try. Besides, you will have your own program and package according to your needs, what more would you wish for?!


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