Everyone is on about losing weight, from friends at work, to family, to those hilarious sometimes weird TV ads,  a lot of people think that weight loss is the right way to be healthy, but IS IT REALLY?! Of course not, a healthy weight maintenance is the secret to avoid the YoYo shape we all end up with after quitting on so many hard-to-maintain diets.

Now, what is a healthy weight? It’s the weight that lowers your risk of health problems. It’s simple, you can find out  your healthy weight using the Body Mass Index (BMI) = your weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters. There are many factors including age, gender body build and body measurements – check with your personal trainer or visit one of the Pharmacies/Weight Management Clinics to measure your body fat, muscle, water, etc….with InBody Scale.

Here is a long-term approach to a healthy lifestyle by balancing healthy eating and physical exercise.  We’ve got you some great tips to do that, keep reading and you would know how.

First: Make Sure To Eat Fruits and Vegetables Everyday  

Recent researches show that fruits and vegetables increase satiety and decrease hunger as they have a low energy density, which is due to the fiber and high water content. So skip the carbohydrates and add more fruit and vegetables to your everyday meal. Organic produce is the best and we recommend that you try ISIS Organic Veggies; they are available in most supermarkets at a very reasonable price.  Avoid all high calories food and make sure to check the nutrition label on all products.

Second: Fiber Fiber Fiber!

Food that contains FIBER helps in weight management as it makes you feel full and decreases the absorption of macronutrients and promoting secretion of gut hormones. Since breakfast is the most important meal, make sure to add some fiber in it. It could be fruit, cereal, or oatmeal as shown in this list. Another great idea, is to drink 2 cups of water half an hour before every meal, it would decrease your appetite so you would eat less.

Third: Green Tea

As studies show, Green Tea helps decrease body fat, especially in the abdominal area (a major problem in Egypt). We Egyptians just love to drink tea right? We even have a variety of it (Shai Koshari, Shai Saidii, Shai 3ala Maya Beyda, etc…). Since we are tea lovers, try to switch from black tea to green tea. It tastes just as good and you can add flavors to it as well. Try ISIS green tea, you could find it in most supermarkets starting at 8 EGP.

Fourth: Shake It Off!

Last but not least, exercising 3 times a week is the best thing to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. It’s not just help you lose weight, but it release stress and put you in a better mood.  We know that you’re busy and might not have enough time, so try out these simple moves at your office and you will notice the result.


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