We all love makeup! But let’s face it, we are not all makeup artists, although we wish to come close to their skills. You don’t need to be a makeup artist to give yourself the runway look you want; there are many tips and simple makeup tricks that can help you look polished and glamorous everyday. Here are some of them: 

Make up - tricks

– When you start applying concealer to your eyes, the best way to cover bags and dark spots under your eyes is to apply the concealer in a triangle under your eyes. Blend with your fingers for the best results. Do not apply concealer to your lids as it can cause your eye make-up to crease later.

– If you are looking for a smoother polished look, apply your foundation with a brush, it gives you a medium to full coverage. Applying it with your fingers will instead give you sheer coverage.

– When applying powder, you should start by applying it to the more shiny parts of your face, and then lightly brush over the rest of your face.

– If you choose to add bronzer, put it on your face, neck, and exposed chest area, and make sure to blend it well. This way it evens your skin tone and creates a smooth effect.

– Apply blusher to your check bones pulling out towards your ears, then down towards your jaw line. You can try to smile while apply it as it helps in highlighting your cheekbones.

– For smoother pencil liner or mascara, try warming them up first. You can use a blowdryer on the lowest setting for your pencil liner. The mascara you can simply roll between your hands for a minute.

makeup - tricks

– If you’re looking for the best length for your eyebrows, hold a brush or anything straight from your nose up to the inside corner of your eyes and eyebrows, that’s where they should start. Try the same trick pointing to the outside corner of your eyes instead, that’s your end point!

– For a great fake-lash effect, heat up your eyelash curler slightly before starting (make sure it’s not too hot!), curl your lashes up, apply mascara and sprinkle a bit of baby powder onto your lashes with a Q-tip, then apply a second coat of mascara! Et Voila! You fake fake lashes.

– Use some powder foundation as a base for lipstick. Sprinkling a bi on your lips before applying lipstick can help it last longer and reduce smudges. If you are tired of getting lipstick on your teeth, place a finger in your mouth, tighten your lips around it and pull your finger out. This should get rid of excess lipstick that could’ve found its place on your teeth.

These tricks can help you save some precious minutes every morning. Give them a  and tell us how they worked.


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