Sportive Family

Mona was born into a sportive family. Her father and 4 siblings work as referees, including her sister Asmaa who is an assistant referee for women football.

Passion for Football

She owes her passion for football to her father. From a young age, she watched the games with him and her siblings. He taught them the rules of football, and after each game, they discussed it together.

Academic Knowledge

Mona studied at the faculty of Physical Education. When the Egyptian Football Federation opened the door for women referees in 1998, she submitted her application. She was among the first certified female referees, a novelty in the Egyptian football culture.


She participated in Al Garf Cup with the International Federation in 2007, Women World Cup 2008 in Chile, the first Youth Olympics 2010 in Singapore and U20 World Cup 2016 in New Guinea.

She also refereed the North African Football Championship for 3 years and the Women African Football Games for 5 years.

Refereeing for Men Competitions

Mona aspires to participate in the first league games, to become the first female assistant referee in the first league men games in Egypt or abroad.


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