Sinai is one of god’s heavens on Earth and its red sea contains a coral reef so stunning it will capture your imagination and soul! Dahab, the magical town located in front of some of the most beautiful spots of that coral reef, makes gearing up and scuba diving down a top item on anyone’s to-do list!

Getting started diving is rather very simple in a place like Dahab. We’ve already spoke about it before and all it takes is simply contacting one of the centers there to book your way down! Some of the best centers there are Sea Dancer Dive Center, Big Blue Dahab, Dahab Divers and H2O Divers and any of them teaches you every skill you need to dive so don’t worry about what you can and cannot do, they’ll take very good care of you.

Diving spots vary in the level of experience required to do them but here are some of the easiest yet must-see ones that you got to do once you get the appropriate license:

  • Eel Garden Reef: considered to be one of the most beautiful sites in and around the town, this spot offers an easy entrance that leads to white and sandy sea floor with a 5-7 meters high coral wall to your left and little eels popping their heads out of the sand looking for food small enough for them, hint the name of the site! This spot requires no more than the Open Water license which is the first one you get.


  • The Canyon: located right outside the town, the canyon features mind-blowing tunnel in the coral reef that extends to great depths and at different locations opens to an underwater canyon. This site will require an experience level that’s suitable for the planned depth of the dive as the site has many different levels. Your dive center will take care of the details and inform you of what you need to be able to dive in there.


  • The Caves: imagine entering caves that aren’t only mysterious but are also submerged underwater for an increased thrill element! The site that’s around 12 km south of the town is easily accessible and can be reached by a truck. Consisting of multiple caves surrounded by corals and amazing fishes from every side, it will certainly be one of the most unique experiences in your life!

Two diwers and scorpionfish

  • Night diving ANY where: the sea in the night is an absolutely different world from what you see in the daylight. Ask your dive center when you can have your first night dive and mark the night on your calendar because it will be a night you won’t forget. The absolutely different sea life that appears after sunset will make you feel you’re on an alien planet, exploring its surface with your torch while you float in the middle of dark waters!


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