Let’s start by going through how it feels to be obese?  It’s the feeling you get when you enter your favorite store, you know all the fashion trends yet can’t wear anything unless it comes in your size. It when someone describes who you are by your shape and size rather than your personality.

I understand that a lot of people don’t ‘get’ what it feels like to be…fat.  I honestly can’t blame them. You won’t know how it feels like unless you went through it. And this is exactly what Chefox tries to help you with, they know what it feels like and try to help you through!

I went to a day trial, decided to take a break and try a new experience! I was a bit worried from the fact that it was a 10-hr camp! As I arrived, I saw so many happy faces, around 50 campers were waiting to start their full of adventure day. Nada Taalab, founder of Chefox was also being a social butterfly, making sure all is good.

The garden when we were all sitting down was full of banners to keep up motivated, like this one!

Chefox Residential Fitness & Weight Loss Camp
Chefox Residential Fitness & Weight Loss Camp


After we got to know each other, we were all ready for YOGA! I was never a Yoga fan. I fell victim to all the myths said about it, however, after I tried it, I completely changed my misconceptions. It was not an “easy” class, it was actually quite hard to free my mind and focus on my body. I finished the class feeling refreshed, stretched, and as good as new!

Chefox Residential Fitness & Weight Loss Camp
Chefox Residential Fitness & Weight Loss Camp

We took a snack after the yoga class and got ready for little chat with the nutrition specialist, Rana Arafa! I must say Rana opened my eyes to some facts I have never know of!  For example, Rana told us that sometimes the feeling of thirst is mistaken for hunger. If we actually drink some water, this feeling of hunger will vanish! (No wonder I ate so much).

After the talk we had a FULL body analysis! We had our weights, water mass and even metabolism age checked! What is a metabolism age? Well, as we grow older… our metabolism rates decrease. So to sum it up, a metabolism age closer to your actual age means you are healthy. Of course I am a very healthy person, therefore my metabolism age was ONLY 12 years older than my actual age (How nice). I was quite upset with the number, however, Nada and Amin Dabo explained that something as simple as drinking more water can help with that.

I forgot to introduce you to Amin Dabo, the most humorous, motivational and fun to be around coach I’ve ever met! We had a fitness exercise with Dabo, and I must say I was out of breath after 2o mins. The thing is I didn’t stop. Dabo knew how to push us all through, he knew everyone’s limits very well; he knew when to push us further and when to let us slack off! He made exercise fun, when we all ran out of breath, he introduced us to some “Tabata” moves! An awesome sport with a very wired name!

It was time for lunch, our stomachs ached, and we all felt we needed energy!

Chefox Residential Fitness & Weight Loss Camp
Chefox Residential Fitness & Weight Loss Camp

Our lunch was from Kcal, a delicious potato quinoa salad for starters and then chicken! Those delicious duo were ONLY 320 CALORIES! Yes, healthy food can still taste good and have low calories.

We then sat down for a chit-chat with the lovely Nada Talaab. What I love about Nada is how she doesn’t try to convince you that healthy should be your lifestyle. She actually tries to explain that if you are not convinced of something, you won’t be determined to accomplish it! Nada’s talk made me rethink my whole life. I decided to change my life style once and for all.

Nada Taalab - Founder Chefox
Nada Taalab – Founder Chefox

I think my day at Chefox was full of different things, from Kickboxing to Tabata, yoga and zumba! I loved every second and learned that you shouldn’t starve yourself, you cane at 4 times a day, but eat smaller portions and healthier food. I broke the glass ceiling I had for my capabilities, I smashed it down! Learned so much about my body, and how I can keep it healthy! And as I knew success stories from early Chefox campers, I learned one thing, it’s that once you lose the weight… you won’t go back. You will learn to keep your body healthy while being happy. It is all about lifestyle, and Chefox helped me realize all this in ONE DAY, imagine if I actually went to the full camp?


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