I, like any other girl find it easier to have my hair done 24/7, to always be ready to go. I used to go to the salon twice a week and sometimes three times if we are in summer. I used to have naturally curly hair, that didn’t even need products to stay in place, but it’s long gone due to the excess use of heat.
About two months ago, I started noticing hair fall, dryness and horrible split ends. My hair dresser suggested doing some deep conditioning at the salon before getting my hair done, which worked on controlling the dryness but once I washed it at home it returned back to its real state. This made me consider going heat free for a month, which I did after intensive research and here is what I noticed during this Heat Free Challenge.

1. The First Week is the Hardest

I was used to a certain lifestyle, where I wake up and my hair is flawless and all I need is a simple brush through. But by going heat free you can never expect how your hair is going to act the next day. You are still trying to figure out what works best for it. This stage is a lot of try and error with products and ways of washing. If you get through this week the rest will be a piece of cake!

2. Confidence Boost

By the fifth day I felt like my hair had more volume, life and texture. I already figured out what works best for me, I had a routine and was more confident with my bare hair. You instantly feel better when you are natural. People start getting used to your new look and they have accepted it so you no longer get the weird looks. This makes you feel better and by time it feels normal.

3. Less Hair Fall and Frizz

My hair is not getting pulled by tools, so in general I experienced less hair fall and less frizz. I created natural waves by putting my wet hair in braids or voluminous curls by putting it up in a pineapple hair style.

4. Time Saving

Mainting your hair without heat will take you 15 mins after the shower whereas if you go to salon you will spend an average of 90 mins doing your hair and going back and forth. You also don’t have to keep worrying about whether your hair is greasy or not you can always throw your head under the water and you are good to go and by time your routine gets 10x faster.

5. It Doesn’t Have to be a Lifestyle

Sometimes you will want to get your hair done, you’ll have important events and meetings and the world has agreed that having your hair done gives an elegant and more professional look, so don’t be scared to go heat free thinking that you can’t stick to it. Just like your body deserves a detox after a weekend filled with junk food and desserts, your hair needs some downtime, too. Even if it is for one week.


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