Are you addicted to food? Are you continuously craving more carbs and sugars? Do you feel uncomfortable with your current eating habits? Do you eat for comfort?

Defining Food Addiction

Food addiction is a term- recently backed by science- that describes how your body reacts to some food like it does to drugs! Foods that are high in fats, sugars, or salt create the same effect on your brain’s reward center, leading to a sort of addiction. Your brain decides to release these reward signals when you eat such foods; and they can override your feelings of fullness, or satisfaction, leading you to eat more and more, and crave more food. Food addiction is directly linked to obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions.

food - addiction

How Do You Know You’re Addicted To Food?

Ask yourself these questions: Do you continue eating even if you’re not hungry? Do you eat more than you intend? Does food get in the way of your work or your social life? Do you feel anxious if you cut down on certain foods? Do you eat more when you’re sad/happy/ disappointed…etc? Well, if most of the answers is yes, you may have a problem.

Overcoming Food Addiction: 

food - addiction

Food addiction can be tricky to overcome; unlike drugs or alcohol, you can not simply ‘abstain’ from food – unless you decide on going on a hunger strike for some reason! Some people follow a 12-step programs especially designed for food addiction, while others simply follow strict diets.


If you decide to go the diet way, a good place to start is by cutting sugar. Sugar can be quite addictive and significantly increases your sugar cravings. Try cutting out refined grains as well, go for whole grains instead; and try to avoid white flour products in all. Needless to say, go easy on salt. We all know salt can make food taste just so different, but from its water retaining function to its ability to increase your food cravings, it seems like salt is just not worth it. Try using small quantities of sea salt for your food instead.


Food addiction can sound like a piece of cake, but this piece of cake can push your health in the wrong direction. Remember, you are what you eat!


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