In my last article To Paleo Or NotI explained Paleo diet in a nutshell, quickly going through its origin, food staples and why it’s a contemporary favorite among athletes in particular. Make sure to give it a glance if you haven’t already.

As promised, today I shall be an objective referee in a face to face opposition between Paleo and another giant in the contemporary healthy eating lifestyles: the Mediterranean diet.


Paleo Vs Mediterranean Diet 

It’s been said over and over again that you’re what you eat; which is correct  considering that every minute millions of cells within our bodies die and are simultaneously replaced by new ones. The healthiness of the new cells depend on many factors, the most crucial of which are the building blocks you have provided your body with i.e. Your nutrient intake.

Keeping this in mind; some questions shall arise like: which diet is better for my heart and arteries? Which diet will equip me with better defense system against different sorts of cancer? Or if I’m diabetic which diet helps me better control my blood sugar and aesthetically speaking which better helps me shed the undesired kilograms off my waist or hips should be of major concern to everyone valuing their own health and disease-free longevity?

Which Diet Is Better For Your Health?


1- Heart Health: 

 A study, presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 64th Annual Scientific Session in San Diego, reporting that adults on the diet were 47%  less likely to develop heart disease over a decade compared to other adults who did not closely follow the diet.

Such findings come as no surprise considering that Mediterranean lifestyle emphasizes whole grain intake, which has proven protective benefits mainly due to fiber content.


 2- Diabetes & Weight Management: 

A study that was carried at Lindeberg S, et al. Diabetologia. proved that Paleo is superior to Mediterranean in the glucose tolerance and stabilizing blood sugar arena which again is quite logical since Paleo shuns grains, a major contributor to excess blood sugar.

Since Paleo is superior at stabilizing blood sugar, it is quite a safe conclusion that it’s superior at weight management too which again was concluded by the same study.

3- Kidney Disease: 

There has been such hype among the medical society about a correlation between high protein diet (in this context, Paleo) and kidney disease. However the most recent of research confirm that it’s perfectly safe for individuals with healthy kidneys. A moderate to low protein diet is more advisable to people with chronic kidney disease.

So Which Diet Is Best For Me?

Apparently both diets are great while each excels in some domains. With so much research on both, so many followers and advocates for both, innumerate articles about the pros and cons of each make me relate to the dilemma many people looking to improve their eating habits face. Hence a frequent question I get asked by clients; which contemporary or ancestral diet is best for me?

In this article I’ve been objective in narrating the studies I found most relevant. In the next article I shall provide you with the easy to digest answer I provide my clients with.

Until then; work hard, eat right, sleep tight and don’t forget to have some fun while at it!


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