Ramadan is coming to an end and after watching plenty of ads and using social media every single day we were able to clearly tell which ads made it to our hearts and surprisingly they were the 57357, 500 500 and Magdy Yaqoub!

These ads are asking people for help without pointing fingers and without making them feel bad! They are hopeful, inspiring and they don’t make the patients feel like charity cases. They are decent and promising, and personally they made me wish that I had all the money in the world just so I can give it away.

Ever since I could remember, ads that were asking for charity involved a lot of making people feel like it’s their fault, as if they were the ones responsible for a certain illness or crisis. We don’t like to feel guilty, which is why this year these ads blew our minds! They are asking us to help for the sake of helping, to help because we can make a difference and to help because we want to be the reason why someone stays alive.

All charity ads count big on the emotional factor, but this year they are counting on happiness and hope instead of guilt and sadness, we are seeing survivors, people who are beating the disease, people who are willing to help. They are teaching people that their help does not have to be financial but rather emotional. If you help in putting a smile on a child’s face then it is equivalent to paying a million dollars.

There are still some advertisements that use the guilt technique but at least now it is not all of them, so we are getting somewhere!


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