Fly Fit Fitness Center 

Address: villa 126, 2nd district, area 5, 5th settlement. (Near El Mahalawy Market)
Tel: 0101 751 8698

We work out for different reasons, some wish to be fit, some for health reasons and others for weight loss purposes, long story short, working out is NOT optional, especially if you lead a 9-5 desk bound job. Problem is, many of us lose their excitement after a couple of months..worse.. even weeks!

I have been told by a friend that a new, cozy gym has opened up in tagamo3… so I felt I should give it a try with my best mate after work! With classes every day from 6-7 PM, we felt it would be a perfect after work getaway!

Fly Fit offers a wide range of classes; they have a very unique class called ‘Cheerobics’. This class is all about cheerleading, so for all the cheerleader wannabes out there, this is your class! There is more to Fly Fit, there is Cardio, Insanity, Zumba and much more!

Fly Fit Gym

We went for a Zumba class (although we admit we wanted to try the cheerleading class as well, maybe next time)! The training area is just about the needed size, not too big and not too small. There are many changing rooms, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for anyone to come out so you could change!

What we loved most about this Zumba class was Roudy, the instructor. She was very energetic and enthusiastic she made us all happy with her good vibes! The class was quite fun, we enjoyed shaking up to the tunes, which kept us excited throughout the high impact class! Roudy taught us every move before doing it; even beginners were able to keep up perfectly.

What is different about Fly Fit fitness center is that it is very cozy, you feel comfy and on the other hand, the Fly Fit team will work magic to ensure you stay motivated as long as possible! All trainers are professional. They always have a smile on their faces and they fill you up with all the positive energy you need.

Moving on to available packages, the prices are reasonable. Packagrs available:
1 class: 75 EGP
4 classes 250 EGP
8 classes: 450 EGP
12 classes 600 EGP
20 classes: 800 EGP

And the good news is, there is a 25% OFF for EVERYONE these days! So try it out and try to enjoy some good time!


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