RiseUp Summit, Middle East and Africa’s Top Entrepreneurship Event booms AGAIN for the third year in a row!

What is RiseUp Summit?

Well, rise up is a golden opportunity for Entrepreneurs and stakeholders to inspire and get inspired, connect and get connected, know and get known!

RiseUp Summit 2015 had over 60 Guest speakers. The event ran for 2 days, 12 & 13 December. It was held in the heart of Cairo, at the AUC Greek campus.

This Summit aims at connecting entrepreneurs to resources, while reflecting and supporting the status and development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt, the MENA-region and Africa as a whole.

For many young entrepreneurs, seeking an investment for their startups is a mean for turning their dreams into reality. For some, an inspirational talk from someone who overcame many obstacles to reach international success is what they need to push through.

As for the rest, hearing success stories from ones who constantly fight to keep their projects running, is a live experience for what they might face at the future.

RiseUp Summit gives young Egyptian entrepreneurs a golden chance to witness and experience what it takes to be successful in a very competitive market. If you had missed it, you can watch the videos online: http://riseupsummit.com/live/

P.S. Make sure you make it to the Summit next year, it is worth it!




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