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We are all bound to have many resolutions at the beginning of eachyear and sticking to a healthy diet is often on top of everyone’s list.  In 2018 StayFit Egypt Mobile App  will have you covered with a variety of healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options, which are delivered to your door step daily.

Healthy eating has never been easier and more enjoyable as StayFit experience is designed to provide you with a convenient, affordable and healthy food delivery experience.

Now you can daily indulge yourself with delicious, guiltless versions of Falafel Pita, Multi Grain Pancakes, Potato and Sausage Frittata for Breakfast amongst many yummy options.  Enjoy the famous healthy Mac and Cheese with Roasted Veggies,  Spaghetti with Meatballs, Vegetable Lasagna & Chicken Apple Salad and many more mouthwatering Lunch and Dinner options.

Tech Talks!

We all love our smart phone apps and rely on them to streamline schedules, simplify daily tasks, coordinate activities, and much more. We also know in order to shed the extra weight and keep it off we need a plan and perhaps even better a Personal Assistant to plan, shop, cook and deliver ready to eat healthy meals at our doorsteps. Using StayFit App you are able to login and choose a 14-day or a 28-day meal plan. Then you choose your daily calorie intake and you get to know its price (for 1300 Kcal plan you spend 200 EGP/day)

Food Covered for the Day!

Stay Fit has a wide-ranging healthy menu for all the meals you need to eat throughout the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert) all with a promise of freshness, nutrition rich and feel-good Taste!

All you need to do is subscribe to one of their four programs (1300 Kcal for 3080 per 14 days, 1700 Kcal for 3220 per 14 days, 2000 Kcal for 3500 per 14 days, 2500 Kcal for 3920 per 14 days) and inside each program you can customize your daily meal plans.

StayFit Egypt

Get Recommendations

If you don’t know what’s best for you from the available programs, the application provides you with recommended options based on your weight, height, age, and your activity level. The recommendation also takes into account your desired target if it’s losing weight, maintaining weight, or muscle bulk up.

Get Healthy Team is tasting!!

We decided to use Stay Fit meal plan to evaluate and taste for ourselves the taste, packaging, freshness of the meals on 6 consecutive days


We tried potato & sausage frittata served with brown toast, which was light and salutary. And falafel pitas served with fresh vegetables and yoghurt sauce, we felt it much tastier and healthier than the ordinary fried falafel, yet light and sweet on our digestive systems.

falafel pitas


We tried Greek Chickpea salad, it was really delicious with the mix of tomato, cucumber, cheese, colored Pepper, chickpea, and flavored sauce.  In contrast, the mixed mushroom soup missed the patent mushroom smell and flavor.

Chickpea salad


The lunch menu is variant and aperitif. We chose vegetable lasagna and chicken salad with apple – For us, it was the first time to try that mix which encouraged us to eat vegetables in addition to the appetizing sweet and sour taste of the apple and chicken mix.

vegetable lasagna and chicken salad with apple

Chicken parmesan with zucchini noodles tasted like the traditional pane and chicken with olives and basmati rice was full of grandma’s home cooking scent.

pane and chicken with olives and basmati rice


We tried Pepperoni pizza, which was really light compared with that ordinary pizza, the delicious grilled burger with the unique sweat potato fries, and we also tried chicken salad sandwich served in brown bread. The meals were filling, delightful and freshly cooked.

grilled burger with sweat potato fries


We tried Triple chocolate Cookies that tasted delicious, classic apple pie, and carrot cupcake which was somehow over-sugary contrary to diet expectations.

Carrot Cupcake

Takeaway :

In 2018 StayFit will help you kick-start your healthy-eating goals without starvation, binge eating or feeling left out at meal times.

Since most of us are busy with work and various activities, the idea of StayFit App is great to plan our daily meals and keeping organized and measurable nutritional values. No Excuses!!


It was a beautiful experience. We enjoyed the idea of being committed to healthy delicious food through the day.

Additional Quality

In addition to the taste, their delivery times were accurate and the quality of the food and the food packaging were excellent.

That’s not all for Get Healthy members

It gets even better for Get Healthy members. If you like what you see, StayFit Egypt is exclusively offering a special 30% discount for Get Healthy members to help them meet their targets of eating happily and healthy. Be among the early runners to download the application now, place your order and insert the promocode Gethealthy#StayFit30 to receive 30% off your first order

Stay tuned!

Wait for our team full menu review coming up your way very soon!

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