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Ramadan 2017 Ads Are Spreading Hope and Joy!

Ramadan is coming to an end and after watching plenty of ads and using social media every single day we were able to clearly...

Your brief guide to Freediving in Egypt

Did you ever try to hold your breath and push your body down in a pool and as you neared the bottom your felt...

Gym Etiquette 101

If you’re a regular gym person then you must have spent sometime around the machines to know there are certain unspoken rules for the...

The Worst Weight Loss Tips

If you are trying –or have ever tried-  losing weight, you must have been bombarded with people left and right giving you helpful dieting...

Trans Fat: Where is It?

Are you trying to lose weight? You must have heard about ‘trans fat’ a lot. Trans fats make food taste good, have longer shelf...