School is the perfect place for diseases, with hundreds of kids running around, playing in mud and touching almost all the time. A way of controlling your kids’ illnesses is by teaching them the proper methods of hygiene, here are simple tips to follow to make your kid the cleanest kid in school.

1. Lead By Example

Let your child observe your own routine, kids love to copy their parents. If they see you wash your hands every time you touch something dirty they will do the same. Invite them to the bathroom and ask them to copy what you are doing, by time it will become a habit.

2. Give them an Anti-Bacterial Soap

There are plenty of fun soap covers that you can buy your kid for him to have it at school with him. This way he will have something special and personalized that will make him look forward to washing his hands.

3. Cut their Nails

Nails take a lot of care and pampering to stay healthy, so it’s important to teach your child how to care for them at an early age. Developing healthy nail-care habits is a must, as nails are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. These bacteria can easily transfer to your child’s eyes, nose and mouth, making him or her sick. Make sure they are always clean and trimmed.

4. Give them a Sanitizer

Bath and Body Works has great fun sanitizers with amazing scents and covers that you can hang in their lunch boxes, teach them to use it after every meal, this way you lessen the amount of germs that are spreading.

5. Teeth Brushing

Make sure you teach them the importance of brushing their teeth, there are billions of stories that teach them that, try using them as this will be more appealing to them. Relax and let their favorite character teach them about the importance of proper hygiene.


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