Team 02, Egyptian Omar Samra and Omar Nour rescued

Team 02, Egyptian Omar Samra and Omar Nour rescued

On a Facebook post, Ahmed Samra, Omar Samra‘s brother posted an update about the two Omar’s – Omar Samra and Omar Nour, AKA Team O2. After they went  missing for 11 hours, team O2 members were rescued on Friday evening. The plan was to attempt rowing 5000 kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean organised by Atlantic Campaigns.

Omar Samra posted on Dec 21st “Despite of the first tough week and the hard challenges, team O2s’ spirit is unbreakable, and so is their partnership.
Starting to find a rhythm to settle into the routine of rowing continuously, suffering from sea sickness, staying hydrated and getting used to eating properly. They are advancing well, as they have rowed a distance of 419 NM till the moment, ranked 5th in pairs.
It’s a tough competition, they are not only challenging others but also challenging themselves. O2 is moving forward by finding peace in the ocean, thinking about their families and loved ones, putting their goal in front of their eyes, and reaching the finish line at Antigua.


Omar Nour posted on Dec 20th “Managing your weaknesses, Eating when you’re seasick…and talking to yourself!!!!

As we hit the first week of Team O2’s Atlantic row, find out what Omar Nour and Omar Samra have been dealing with LIVE from the Atlantic.”


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