Are you tired of crash diets that deprive you from your favorite indulgences? Have you tried every fad diet out there with no success? Do you lose weight but gain it back quicker than the blink of an eye? Throw all those diets away and practice the no-diet diet. The secret word is: “Portion Control”


What is Portion Control?

With all diets out there focusing on what you should eat rather than how much you should eat, it’s easy to forget about the simplest way to shed kilograms, limiting your portions. That being said, you don’t have to completely dish out your favorite foods. If you want to have to your favorite ice-cream, you can have it, but you’re going to have to learn portion control.

We will give you tips to help you practice portion control successfully:

Tip 1:  Feel full with multiple small meals 

Trick your body into feeling full with less food at meals, you need to eat three small meals a day and incorporate two healthy snacks in between those meals.  Spreading your food throughout the day keeps your hunger under control, and it saves you from overeating!

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Tip 2: Stock up on protein

Protein is your friend because it keeps you feeling full for longer, and also it needs more energy to digest than other food groups. Remember, protein isn’t just meat! Yogurt, eggs, dairy, or fish also fall under the protein category!

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Tip 3: Consider your plate size

If you want to eat less, simply place less on your plate. One way of obliging yourself to put less in your plate is downsizing your plate forcing you to put less food in there. If you are dinning outside share your plate, or just ask the waiter to serve you half the portion and take the other half with you home for the next day!

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Tip 4: Variety is key!

When you go on a crazy restrictive diet, you are eliminating your body from necessary nutrients which might put you at a risk of health problems. Versify your options; fill approximately half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables, fill one quarter with grains or starchy vegetables like potatoes, and the other quarter save it for protein!

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Follow these tips while treating yourself every now and then with your favorite ice-cream or couple of chips. You will still lose weight; just remember to stay in control, and to keep your portions under control!


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