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Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women. Medical statistics showing that it represents 25 percent of cancers in women.

Breast cancer is a psychological trauma not only for the patient woman but for those around her like her husband, relatives and friends. What steps can be taken to support your wife, girlfriend or relative? This is what we will try to uncover.

What can be done to help and support a breast cancer patient?

If recently your girlfriend, wife, or family member diagnosed with breast cancer; thoughts will be crowded around you about how to help her and support her psychologically. Well, there is no single answer fits everyone, but there are guidelines for how to support a breast cancer patient according to the stage of disease; starting from diagnosis, surgery, treatment and recovery.

Those who want to provide support to a woman with breast cancer should know more about the disease and its symptoms, treatment methods and to read the experiences of people who have experienced the disease and succeeded in fighting it to understand what the patient will go through all stages.

Asking the woman with breast cancer directly how to help her

The breast cancer patient cannot take this trip alone, so she should be asked directly about the way which she can be helped and supported by, the core message is that she is not alone and she can request support without embarrassment. One of the most important ways to support the person with breast cancer is to listen to her. Good listening to her thoughts, feelings and fears is the most simple and useful thing you can do for her.

Communicate with survivors of the disease or other patients

Breast cancer patients can be supported by forming a link between them and survivors of the disease or patients at different stages for psychosocial support and counseling. Psychiatrists note that the patient’s contact with people who have passed or are passing through the same experience can be helpful to complete the treatment trip and fight the disease.

Providing assistance in purchasing household needs

Treating breast cancer may become stressful and painful especially during chemotherapy sessions. So it is useful to support the patient in her difficult days to purchase the household needs of food and drinks and cleaning materials. Supporters can also clean the house and prepare meals recommended by the doctor to the patient and create a comfortable and suitable atmosphere for her comfort.

Take care of children

Most important thing that makes a mother with breast cancer happy is to find support  and care for her children, so there is no psychological support is more than caring for her children, taking them to school or sports, and following up on their studies and affairs.

Support patient with breast cancer when losing its femininity features

The most difficult thing faced by breast cancer patient is the loss of the features of femininity such as hair loss during chemotherapy or mastectomy, everyone who surrounds her at this time should support her psychologically and accept her grief and try to cheer and repeat the words which encourage her and emphasize on the beauty of her internally and externally, some ladies may cut their hair as a psychological support for the patient, also shaving the husband his hair on zero is an important gesture in the trip of supporting his patient wife.

Involving the patient in events and activities

It is useful to involve breast cancer patients in social events and parties, perhaps trips and excursions if their health condition allows integration, which positively affects the patient’s psyche. It is useful in the difficult days of the patient to present a gift, try to present a gift needed by the patient or makes her happy like a book she loves or even a box of chocolate and a bouquet of roses.

In the end, some women may go through severe psychological cases of depression and loss of desire for life and rejection of treatment; it is advised to ask help of psychological specialists to find out how to deal correctly in this situation.


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